Thursday, November 20, 2008

Four: ...what mama had to say

Zeina waited impatiently for her mother to wake up, flipping restlessly from one television channel to the other. Why is it that on the one day that she wanted her mom to wake up so badly, she decides to oversleep? Eventually though her mother did wake up and Zeina wasted no time in bombarding her with questions. "Yumaa..." Zeina pounced on her mothers bed once she was sure her father out of ear-range, "et3arfeen bait M7ammad Al Flani? ygooloon saken bil nezha?"

"ee a3arfa laish?" her mother replied getting up and folding clothes draped over a chair.
"3inda 3yal?" Zeina asked...she started to wonder how she'd go about asking about her mystery guy. Zeina's mom turned around and eyed her daughter suspiciously..
"ee 3inda 3yal..laish esh-sam3a?"

"wela shay .. bes galooli ina 3yala 7elween..kha9atan lawlaad.." It was at this point that Zeina's childlike giggle and pink-cheeked face gave her away. Her mother began shaking her head and muttering under her breath..
"thab7eenkom hal shabab .. kelyoom wa7d. Ana agool rakzay 3ala derastich afyadlich..."

"yuma eshda3wa ga3d akalma ana al7ean? bes ga3d as2al .. fe wa7d minhom wayed 7elo shefta hathak el yoom o bes abi a3arf shesma.."
Zeina wasn't crossing the line when she said this to her mother; she had always had an open relationship with her, the way it worked was that Zeina would tell her mom everything she did (or so she promised) and in return her mother would try to keep an open mind about it. It had been working perfectly so far ..

"wala ana ili a3arfa 3inda athnayna likbeer Sulaiman wel thany Manaf..o 3inda banat ba3ad bes ma3aref a3marhom, chena wayed akbar minich. Sulaiman yeshtighel ib Zain wel thany china lail7ean yadris ib ma9r.. mu akeeed. Wala hatha salfita mu 6abee3iya china menziman raye7! Ma7ad ishoofa o shakla 6awal wayed wihiw yadres.. yemkin metzawejla wa7da bil serr...3al 3imoom malna shighel bil awadem...taraygtay?"

'Sulaiman' .. Zeina was deep in thought as her mother rambled on about what she was craving for breakfast. Soon she was called downstairs by her husband and left Zeina to daydream alone in her room. She loved the name already and could totally imagine herself calling him by it. She wondered if it would be likely that she would bump into him if she oh so "coincidentely" had to go to Zain to do something. She immediately brushed the idea off .. there were too many people working there what were the chances that she'd see him?

Dragging herself out of her parent's bed she headed downstairs to sit with them for a bit.

--------------------- 2 weeks later --------------------------------------------

It was chilly as the weather contemplated whether it should rain or not. Zeina prayed that it would; her mood always got better when it rained. It was 3pm and Zeina was finishing up at the Admissions office at her University. She had been helping out a friend who worked there part time for the past two weeks, mostly running small errands and getting papers delivered from one office to another.

Glancing at the doors Zeina could see drops of rain sliding down...a smile crept across her face. Nothing felt better than driving through soft rain with the best of The Fray playing on her ipod in the car. Getting ready to leave she began to collect her Physics book and notebook along with her cell phone; "3awash 7ayatii ana bamshiii al7ean i'll call you.." she yelled out towards an open office where her friend was printing out some papers.

"Law sema7tay..." a voice called from behind her
"hala?" she said turning gracefully around. There in front of Zeina was the man in the Bentley. She gasped in a short breath of air and froze for a second with her mouth hanging open.
"zain legaitkom fat7een .. 3indi cham estifsar.." he said looking down at a pile of papers in his hand.

Zeina wondered how embarressing her reaction to him must have been. Did he notice my shock? Did my face turn any unusual colors? Oh my god, does he even recognize me? She thought to herself..

"t-tefathal.." she stammered trying to smile. She was suddenly very concious of how she looked. She was wearing a very tiny grey sweater that barely covered her buttocks with silvery-gray leggings and dark grey uggs. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun and her make up was probably fading from the many hours she'd spent without re-applying.

"yaay aqadem 3al course il 9aifi 3indikom.." he said raising his gaze from his papers to Zeina's face again. Nowhere during those first few minutes did he even hint at a polite smile or even an expression that didn't feel like a look of death, making Zeina stammer even more.

"Enzain..umm..lazim you fill out hal application" she said walking over to the other side of the room. Her words staggered more than she did as she handed him the Sumer Course application. "o lazim etyeeb ma3ak awragek min jam3itik il qadeema.."

"ee 3aref .. ana bes ba5ith mada 3ashan a7awelha o galooli hathy lawrag ili yaboonha.." he extended his hand towards Zeina, his eyes on the application she had given him. She took the papers from him and with his now free hand he began to flip through the application. He glanced over some of the questions and then for the first time looked straight at Zeina. His eyes caught hers for a second and then he gave her a sheepish smile; Zeina felt electricity go through her spine. It was the sexiest smile she had ever seen, even his dark hating eyes seemed to sparkle with them. She began to think that anyone who knew him well would know the power of that was probably rare, but when it came .. it melted you straight to the ground.

Zeina tried her best to smile back in a way she hoped was non-chalant; secretly though she knew she had failed.
"mu fahem ni9 hal as2ila.." he said his voice balanced itself between a laugh and a whisper.
"agdar asa3dik etha taby" Zeina whispered this time; she began to feel the color red begin to crawl through every part of her body. She wanted to scream at the turn of events that had brought this man all the way to her.
"ee tekfain.." he smiled back picking up a pen from the desk and opening up the application; his body bent over it and he leaned both elbows on the desk. Zeina took a minute to amire his body, it was ... perfect.

He looked up at her then began to lean towards her..Zeina sucked in her breath...his hands slowly reached past her body his face getting closer and closer to hers, his eyes not leaving hers. A loud screeching made Zeina jump out of her daze; he was pulling up the chair behind her for her to sit on.
"tefathalay" he said looking back at the application. Zeina was thankful to have the seat beneath her...she knew that it would not have been long before her feet failed her.

to be continued ...


Anonymous said...

looool the last part made me laugh!

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