Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One: Don't Forget to Reminisce in the Rain

Zeina twirled several locks of her dark brown hair through her fingers as she lifted her knees to her chest; the campus coffee shop chairs were considerably comfortable and her oversized scarf made a perfect little blanket. Clouds formed overhead with promises of rainfall to come, and a chill began to take over her body.

Zeina began to think of Mr. X, the man who broke her heart exactly 11 months and two weeks ago. She knows this because she has been angry for exactly that long; she also knows this because she's been waiting that long to fall right back into love. The relationship had ended by Mr. X's desire with no further explanation other than "we're not good for each other" and since then Zeina has plotted every single way to get back at him, plans ranging from the current hour until the next decade. She was sure her anger wouldn't subside any time soon and the fact that she was thinking about him on that specific day 11 months and 2 weeks later just proved her right.

Zeina was at the coffee shop waiting for her friend to finish her class, or for the rain to start falling, both of which would mean she could leave and go home. Just then the first droplet of the upcoming thunderstorm fell and Zeina stretched her legs out in anticipation for the quick walk to the parking lot for her car. Little did she know that the next person she would see and the series of events that would take place on her way home are exactly what she's been waiting for for the past 11 months and 2 weeks.


Manayer said...

NEXT POST!!!!!! Abiiiiiii the series of events that will happen!!! Come on keep us posted girl! pretty please?! (A)

Anonymous said...

please i've been waitiingg so loooonngg for the next post !!!!!!!!!! please please 29 29

Anonymous said...

please i've been waitiingg so loooonngg for the next post !!!!!!!!!! please please 29 29

Susy.Q said...

wow .. i just started reading ur blog.. lol darya bdri 3alay hehe.. and mashallah im hooked by the first post.

mashallah u have an amzing way with ur words, how do u do it ?