Thursday, December 4, 2008

9: Surprise Delivery

It was the weekend and Zeina had decided to spend the day at home; she had gotten into her sweats, ordered a pizza, and was deciding which TV show she'd catch up on first. She tossed a few DVDs aside making excuses; too long, boring, ma sheft awal cham 7alqa o ma3indiyahom...before settling on Gossip Girl. A little superficial, sometimes boring, but perfect for a day intended for absolutely no brain work.

The living room was at the very front of the house looking out at the street, the windows were large taking up almost the entire front wall and allowing people to look out of them but at the same time concealing the view for those looking in from outside. It was a little past four in the afternoon and rain had begun to fall outside glistening the windows with every drop, it wasn't clear if the sun was setting or clouds were covering it, but either way it had begun to get dark outside. Relishing the fact that she had the entire house to herself she popped in the DVD and turned the volume on loud.

"Previously on Gossip Girl..." began the episode an image of Serena popped on the big TV screen. Zeina snuggled under the throw she had brough with her, her plate of pizza in her lap; her mobile which lay on the table in front of her vibrated with a message. She knew Mr. X would be at the Shalaih now with his friends and he didn't usually text when he was with them.


Manaf - wain gaza?
Zeina - (waiting fifteen minutes before answernig as to not seem too eager) ... 9alatna wala ..

Manaf - o mu bil avenues? akeed intay kuwaitiya? :O
Zeina - hahaha akeed akeed ... atwaqa3

Manaf - ga9a 3alaina shaklich wala, tara ra7 lazim ashoof 9oorat bu6aqtich ha
Zeina - al7ean a9awerha wadezha!

Manaf - hehe .. mashqoola? ga3d az3ijich?
Zeina - la bil 3aks, ga3d a7awel a6ali3 show bes mani gadra andimij

Manaf - ee ana tawni imshaqel masra7iyat Bye Bye London .. a7asis roo7i ini ga3ed bil dwaniya weya il shabab
Zeina - 7aram! tadree bes mara sheft'ha o ma fahamt ni9ha!

Manaf - Ee a7san ..
Zeina - Laish?

Manaf - lana feeha ashya2 ma lazim il bint tefhamha ;)
Zeina - (blushing) ah okay..

Manaf - tabeen etshofeenha ma3ay? Haha et7iseen wedi akharbich
Zeina - ee wedi wala bes ma3indiyaha lazim aroo7 ashtireeha

Manaf stopped texting for about fifteen minutes and Zeina began to wonder if he was distracted by something else. She got up and hurried to one of the shelves that had most of their old cassettes and started to flip through the arabic plays. She couldnt find Bye Bye London, disappointed she went back and threw herself on the couch. Her mobile was bright with the light of a new message.

Manaf - wain baitkom?
Zeina - El Nezha

Manaf - Block? House?
Zeina - Block X House Y .. laish?

Manaf - ma tabeen et6al3eenha ma3ay?
Zeina - Embala abi ..

Manaf - ok khala9 3ayal .. shakel yo3an?
Zeina - Pizza methli ..

Manaf - Enzain la takleen wayed...ay topping?
Zeina - cheese o la7am ...

Manaf - tabeen il 9ij mayhim shino il topping, akelhom min redah kelshay nafs il 6a3am mako farg! law a6lib la7am chini makel 6oma6.

At that minute the doorbell rang. One of the maids hurried to answer it and Zeina waited alertly to hear who it was .If it was a visitor she'd have to make a run for it, she was in no condition to be seen by any of her aunts. Her hair was untidy, her clothes were ten times oversized and messy and her socks were mismatched.

"Who is it?" she yelled at the maid.
"Driver madam.." she replied. Zeina eased back into the sofa relieved. Seconds later the maid came in carrying two huge boxes stacked over each other and a small plasic bag.
"Who's driver?" she asked her as she laid the packages in front of Zeina.

"Madam Maryam's driver..this all for you" the Maid said and began to walk away. Zeina made a mental list of all the Maryams she knew that could be sending her stuff or even who knew where her house was. She couldnt think of any. Opening the plastic bag she found a stack of DVDs..the top one said in big blue arabic letters "Bye Bye London". Her jaw dropped open as she flipped through the other DVDs..they were mostly new movies that had just been released and she wondered why he had sent them to her.

Her heart began to pound as she looked over at the two large boxes in front of her, without waiting she ripped the lid of the first one; inside were about two dozen tiny cupcakes in an assortment of colors. Turning to the other box she ripped it open to reveal different shades and sizes of cookies, chocolate chip, white chocolate, double chocolate chunk. She immediately reached for her mobile and began textnig, ignoring the message Manaf had just sent her.

Zeina - kel hatha minik enta?
Manaf - ew9alooch laqrath?

Zeina - ee! Mashkoor, bes sheno kel hatha?
Manaf - alah ysalmich hathooli laflam ili 3indi jedami .. abee a7ad y6ali3hom ma3ay :( .. o 6abakhna 3alaih cookies o cupcakes il 9ara7a mu 9ij o 7adi meshtiheehom fa law sema7tay ekleehom 3ani :)

She was breathless for a second and then opening the DVD box of the play she inserted it into the DVD player and listened as the low quality music began to play.

Zeina - tara shaqalt il masra7iya .. enzain shakel awal?
Manaf - ana imsawy pause 3ind awal 10 mins .. lai we9altay goleeli .. umm eklay il nutella cookies awal .. mu 9ij!

Zeina - enzain may9eer chithee lazim i share my pizza ma3ak! bes shlon to9alik?
Manaf - haha mashkoora Zeina, bes it's okay .. ana rathy with just sharing everything I have with you, you don't need to share anything

Zeina didn't know what melted first, her heart or the chocolate chip nutella filled warm piece of dough in her mouth.

dear lovely lovely readers...
ha taboon drama wela not yet? ;)


Peridot said...

Way way way way ......
iyanin iyanin IYANIN!!!!
min wain 6ale3 hal Manaf??;p

plz plz kamay! postich wayed short :(

Anonymous said...

i love manaf!:p

sa said...

la la laaa manabi drama khaleehom chithy iwansoona, ishawgoon oo 7adhom cuute for awhile! Btw i love ur story ams iktishaft'ha oo im hooked! Keep up the good work!

J said...

Yeah i so think this person exists!
tarach 7aba6teeni wayed i want one of my own.

Anonymous90 said...

LOL yesss drama if it includes her ditching X ;\ wayn her plannnnnnn lol

Um-Manaf said...

Peri: thank u dear ;* enshallah the next post is gonna be really long

Anon: And I love u ..

Sa: thank u honey .. drama is good sometimes haha

J: You can have Manaf..the original ba3ad :)

Anon90: loooool maybe her plan mithel wayeha? :P

Dano said...

I love i love i love !! hurry with the next post .. manaf is such a sweet heart mooo nafs MR X!! he reminds me too much of MR BIG from sex and the city .. MANAF (L) i picture him soooo HOT lol

the zuz said...

manafo zo'3aaa ewaze3 dvds o akel:P!!! we want more of manaf!!

shoosh said...

iyaniiiin!! i love your story!

PearlsAndBows said...

waaaay ma9adig this is toooo cute ! i just started reading ur blog o qarart i comment 3ala a5ir part o agool lach shkithir 7abaita bas magidart ma a5alee comment before goin on to the other parts .. abee please abee manaf o cookies o bye bye landan

ok now a7taj i finish reading the rest i cant wait to see she9eer ;**

Sunshine said...

I LOOOOOVE!! that was the cutest thing ever! especially the last thing he said.. about wanting to share everything with her.. ma9adeggg!! ok 9ij e7ba6 9adeny fi hal la7'6a =p hehehe