Friday, January 23, 2009

28: A Decision to Make ..

Zeina rolled to her side for the hundredth time in her bed, she had just hung up from her regular hour long phone call with Manaf; he had gone back to Ma9er to finish up whatever he had left and had been calling her every night at 11pm on the dot. The velvet box with her engagement ring lay next to her propped open and tilted so that the top of the diamond faced her. Every few minutes she’d place it on her finger then after examining it would put it back inside the box. As the minutes past she slowly began to drift off only to be visited by Manaf in her dreams.

The next two months passed by like they were happening overnight and soon enough Zeina was saying goodnight one last time to Manaf in Egypt. He came back to Kuwait and within two weeks he began working at one of his uncle’s law firms. Zeina’s phone would still ring every night at 11pm, the only difference was that their phone calls now lasted a little longer than before; Manaf would tell her all about his new cases and how different work life was from university and Zeina would complain about all the work she had to finish for her classes. It was a period of steady bliss and Zeina began to feel comfortable as they created their own routine and fell perfectly into it.


“Zeina entay met2akda inich tabeena?” Zeina’s mother asked for the hundredth time as Zeina sat next to her openly texting Manaf. Manaf’s relatives had contacted Zeina’s mother a little less than two weeks earlier and had requested a chance to sit with her and her mother. Zeina’s mother’s first reaction was to call it off before anything even happened but after Zeina’s insistence it became clear to her that there was something going on between them and that her daughter had made her mind up long ago. After the first visit and a few more phone calls the men gathered for the official visit and soon enough their engagement was announced to the world. The first few days Zeina’s phone hadn’t stopped ringing with congratulations and desperate attempts of information digging but Zeina was too busy floating on clouds to care what people were thinking or saying.

“Ee youma abeeh” Zeina replied to her mother trying as best as she could not to reveal the childish smile she had on her face. Her mother sighed grinning at her daughter and got up to look for something in the kitchen. Zeina took the opportunity to quickly call Manaf up, a few seconds later she disappointedly hung up; he hadn’t replied.

Two hours later Zeina glanced at the clock on her mobile, Manaf usually called her right after he got out of work which was a little over an hour ago, sensing something was wrong she tried again; he didn’t reply this time either. Starting to feel a bit worried she texted him and waited impatiently for a reply. None came.

A little over four hours later, as the sun began to set, Zeina’s phone rang and Manaf’s name filled the screen.

“Alo?” She almost shouted into the phone.

“Abee ashoofich” He immediately stated his voice rushed and serious

“Umm..Okay…” she replied slowly caught off guard.

“Wainich?” He asked

“Bel bait, come over etha taby” A knot began forming at the pit of Zeina’s stomach as she began to panic, this tone of voice would put any engaged woman in a fit of fear. The last thing a bride needs was an angry fiancĂ© in the few months leading up to their wedding.

“Ahalich mawjoodeen?” He asked, he was practically spitting the words out at this point.

“Ee mawjodeen..”

“Khosh 3a6eehom khabar, wana al7ean bel 6ireej..” and with that hung up. Trying to wipe the worried expression off of her face Zeina began walking around the house looking for her mother.

“Youma, Manaf bemor shwaya okay?” She asked when she found her mother arranging vases in another living room in the house.

“Ee 7abeebty akeed 7ayahh Allah…” her mother said looking up, “bes badlay” she said giving Zeina’s house outfit a once over.

Deep in thought Zeina made her way upstairs and changed into jeans and a plain t-shirt and untied her hair, tossing it to the side. Ten minutes later her mobile rang and with a heavy heart she answered Manaf telling him to come on in. As she made her way downstairs she could hear Manaf politely saying hello to her mother, then she heard her mother tell him to wait for Zeina in the guest living room. Zeina quickly walked in and her mother excused herself to give them some privacy. Manaf stood up and gave Zeina a light kiss on the cheek. Zeina having told herself that she was exaggerating and that nothing was wrong began to realize that her initial reaction was only too accurate, Manaf was very angry and it showed. His face was darkened from what Zeina assumed was a long day at work, his hair was disheveled, his upper button of his Dishdasa was opened and he was in no way or form smiling.

“3asa ma shar Manaf, emkhare3ni” Zeina began taking a seat next to him. Manaf looked away for a few seconds then ran his palms and fingers across his face before pressing his fingers on his eyes as if he was having a bad migraine.

“Rasy ibyenfijir” He muttered still covering his eyes.

“Ayeeblik Panadol?” Zeina asked him getting up and quickly heading to the cabinet that held the Panadol, on her way back she told the maid to get them some water.

“Tefathal” Zeina said handing him the pills and the glass of water, without any response Manaf swallowed the pills down with water then leaned back in his seat.

“Ma dagaitli lama 6ala3t min il maktab” Zeina tried again gently

“Tawni 6ale3” He replied curtly. Zeina kept quiet for a few seconds giving him a chance to explain what was happening but he too remained quiet.

“Ubay Manaf, tell me shesalfa” Zeina exploded finally losing her calm.

“Tahawasht weya weld 3ami” he muttered finally still not looking at Zeina. Zeina immediately knew which cousin he was referring to, weld 3am Manaf is the son of the uncle he was working for and was also working at the same maktab. Zeina also knew from what Manaf told her that he was lazy and his father was getting sick of it, and that problems between him and Manaf had begun almost as soon as Manaf had began working for the firm. Manaf instantly became his uncle’s favorite employee, always on time and always trying his hardest, the difference between him and weld 3ama was evident from day one.

Glad that this wasn’t about her Zeina took a deep relaxing breath before gently putting her hand on his back and rubbing it.

“Sh9aar?” She asked

“gabel la agoolich abeech taw3ideeni inich mat3a9been, because I did shay yemkin may3ajbich”, the butterflies that had just disappeared from Zeina’s stomach reappeared immediately. Manaf was still not looking her in the eye.

“Gooli” She spoke up in a steady tone

“fe offer, 7ada qawii, o I really want it o ana the perfect person for it o 3ami kan misti3id ya36eeniya lain weld 3ami…” Manaf followed the mention of his cousin with a few curse words, something he had never done in front of Zeina before, “qarar ina e9eer yahel o ela qa9eb yabi il position. El mohim gam shway we6ig’ha bachya 3ind ibooh tekfa 3a6ni o ana ra7 at3adal aw3idik o madry shino, 6ab3an 7achy fathy o ma 9adag 3amii. El mohim he made a huge scene bil maktab fashalna ga3ad e9arekh 3alay o radait 9arakht 3alaih o dash baina 3ami ewagefna wel kel ekhiz. Ya3ni jad kan el wath3 efashel ma china ahal kelish…”

“Ba3ad 3omriii” Zeina cooed leaning in closer and hugging Manaf; he didn’t return her hug.

“Al7ean ana ba3ad 3omrich, ba3ad eshway bet3a9been adry. Bes wala jad Zeina mali khilg elyoom wa9el 7adii..”

“Sheli bekhaleeni a3a9eb?” She asked him hesitantly.

“3igub il scene ili 9ar…” Manaf began after a short silence, “3ami sakar 3ala nafsa il maktab ma bagha a7ad edish 3alaih. Ga3adt ib maktibi an6er lana ma 7abait amshi gabel la a3titherla…el mohim yoom 6ala3 re7tla o kan 7ail im3a9eb 3a6ani mu7athara 3ooda 3an shlon he created the firm on his own o shlon kan yetmana ina welda yagthib kelshay o shlon welda mu rathy e9eer rayal o shlon now he has to choose weld ekhooh 3ala welda lana welda be6aye7 il shareka bil ga3 … o 3a6ani kalam ya3ni el 9ara7a 7asasni ina ga3d ya36eeni akthar min welda o ina it was really hurting him. Fa gali ra7 a36eek il position lanik you fought hal kither for it…”

Manaf trailed off and kept quiet for a while, “Enzain o how does this affect me?” Zeina asked him.

“El position mu bel kwait…” He finally said.

“Wain il position?”

“New York…” He finally turned away and stared at her intently trying to read her reaction. Zeina thought about it for a second and used all the power she could muster not to squeal and jump up and down.

“That’s a bad thing?” She finally asked a broad smile on her face.

“Ee…we leave ib 5 weeks, ya3ni kelshay you’ve been planning for the wedding gets cancelled..”

“Oh..” Zeina realized suddenly. She thought of all the work her mother and aunts had been putting in for the wedding and all the money her father had already begun spending for the preparations. “Ya3ni mako 3ers?” Her voice lowered slightly with disappointment.

“Embala, etha tegdireen etzahbeen 7ag 3ers ib a month…” He said his voice not filled with optimism at all.

“Bes…Bes…” Zeina began, a million thoughts running through her head, there was no way she could plan a wedding in a month, she wasn’t sure she was willing to sacrifice a wedding for a job, and what about her derasa? For the first time since Manaf had come over she began to feel angry, “ubay Manaf, what if I don’t want to go!” She snapped, realizing the position he had put her in. “O ba3dain how long is this for?!”

“six months…” he whispered, “3igub kel ili 9ar o 3a6ani il position 3ami magdar agoola la2 Zayoon..”

“SIX MONTHS! Bes kelshay ib 7ayati ra7 yetghayar!” Her voice went a pitch higher

“agdar aroo7 ebroo7i…” he almost whispered to himself.

“Na3aaaaaaaaam? Hatha ili nage9 ba3ad!” Zeina muttered turning away with rage.

“Zeina 7abeebti I know your angry o walah il 3atheem ma aloomich ana ghabi o 7aywan o 7a6aitich ib mawqef bayekh..” He slowly got up from his seat picking up his cell phone and car keys, “o ana rasi ibyenfijir 9arli 10 sa3at bil maktab I need to sleep shwaya. Tekfain fakray bil mawthoo3 wana ra7 amor 3alaich bacher il 9ib7 entifaham some more. Please lat3a9been 3alay 7abeebti..” and with that he kissed her forehead and headed out of the door. Zeina remained in her seat, she listened as Manaf said goodbye to her mother assuring her that nothing was wrong, she then heard the front door shut and finally she heard the machine of his car come to life outside.


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zuz said...

5al tertha;p, kelha six months lat'thayeg 5lg el menfy;** kfaya rasa ebyenfijir;p

moi said...

awww they got engaged;*, please dont break them up!

Um Mit3ib said...

khal tamlech witsawy istiqbal laih radat w bs

Um-Loai said...

I'd make the wedding smaller, and go with him!

7aram! He earned the position!

3anooda said...

habla - mukanha agool 6uz fil 3urs oo 5anroo7 NYC 3ala 6ool 7ata ma yi7taj 5 weeks. LOOOOOL

Anonymous said...

3aadi wait 6 months aw do a mini wedding oo safray weya:P id go with the mini wedding cozy is more fun!

sexy_sour_sweet said...

he should've asked first =/

tigerlilly said...

maskeena! but 3adi 5 weeks is plenty of time 7ag a small wedding and living in ny for 6 months is totally worth it ;p

Islander said...

ya7lif il a5 iygi6 qunbula o yamshi!!! awenaaa rasaaa bynfijiir!!!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

shd3wa, just do a quick wedding go for 6 months come back do a big wedding and continue studying..
anyways, love the post!

Starlight<3 said...

Loving the post as usual ^_^

She should make the wedding before she leaves, usually the simpler weddings turn out better anyway.

I don't like too much extravagence ;P


Lost b2amreeka. said...

midam min the start he knew it would upset her laish he fought his cousin for the position ;/ i wouldn't want to be her right now!!

Lost b2amreeka. said...

midam min the start he knew it would upset her laish he fought his cousin for the position ;/ i wouldn't want to be her right now!!

3anooda said...

banat ana mani fahma ehya laish za3lana?? tara its a job and will help his career wayid especially ineh ehwa tawa badi yishti'3il - oo galeha if she doesnt want to go she doesnt have to.

miskeen laish kileh galbeen 3ala il riyayeel??? heheheheheh.

Ruby Woo said...

min sijha??

its NEW YORK!!!

Whats wrong with the girls ib these stories hal ayam? bidaw ikhayboon thani with their id3al shakhsiya lol

sa said...

ooofff 7adha di3la! a7ad igool la wi3a9ib 3ala new york! khal tamlich al7een witroo7 wiya laman iridoon after 6 months itsawi il 3irs shil moshkila?

Captivated said...

Min 9ejhaa?? the chance to live in NY?? for 6 months.. WEYA THE GUY I LOVE!!! UMBAI oo chenna el 3eeeeed aro7!!

shoosh said...

my sloutions are:
small wedding telbs fi ilfstan ilabyath m3a 7ashd min ila9dga2 w alahl.. or um mit3ib's suggestion i dnt knw how it works in Kuwait..

NY *huge check mark* the rest of the wedding expenses should be exchanged for a shopping spree over there..

Her studies visiting student or semester off with a working experience..
hay meshakel zaina o 7linaha NEXT ;P

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

7adhaaaa tir'6aaa.. !!! kilshaaay yit2ajaaal.. !! 7abaait manaaf :P !! hehe

mimi said...

laa2 la tez3al o etkaberha zaina... tegdar etsawee small wedding o etroo7 weya manaf !! i would 7adaa do that o kilish ma az3al 3alaih! he needs her now to understand him the most fa la et9eer de3la! o NYC o manaf weyaha what more could you ask for!! thnx 3ala il post il saree3 ;* plz la tet2a5erayn 3alaina on the next one .. magdar lazem a3arif what happens ;)

Queen Bee said...

Ny with Manaf? Ma yabeela tafkeer! Do ur wedding ibser3a, and go with him:* You don't need a huge wedding to have fun. I think Kuwaiti weddings kila 7ag il nas moo 7ag il 3aroos, so do a quick mini wedding ou have fun..who cares if it's the biggest, best, ou all that shit. At the end, the ppl wil have fun w intay, GOD KNOW WHAT! la ou foug hatha ma ya3jebhum il nas(:

Queen Bee said...
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Limited said...

instead of spending alot on a rushed, big wedding .. a small wedding for close friends and families is better .. and i think a month is enough for them to prepare if theyve already somewhat started ..

THIS IS NEW YORK!! 6 MONTHS OF NEW YORK! all the money that could have been spent on a big extravagant wedding could be spent on living accommodations and shopping sprees! and she could take a semester off .. its only 6 months!

Zaina said...

eeehh,,, ma lloumha. it's her WEDDING! ou sij ya3ni 7ayat'ha kilaha bitaghayer. ou mayseer small wedding! ;p a7la shay ilkbeeeeeer;p!

Zaina said...

alllaaaaaah yaaa dalaaaal mayta min ill7arraaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

I just spent the past 2 days reading the whole story! Absolutely loved it! Well done you're doing a great job!

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Anonymous said...

ana 3ala a3a9be ga3da an6er! wana know wht hpns next!

Anonymous said...

heey i just started reading this story W i cant stop so please post the next one fast!!!!
i think she should do a mini wedding then go to NY w t7awel jam3a there or just take a course off!!:P
I WANT A GUY LIKE MANAF;s tell me where can i find a manaf??

Anonymous said...

HEEEEEEYYYY!! MANAF IS MINEEE;**** btw.. you can find him eb nuzha :D looool ;p

Anonymous said...

9ij;s he is urs?! Ok ill let u have him,eee elyoum barou7 el nizha "manaf hunting";@
Thanks love;**

Silhouette Crime said...

the first thing i did when i got back home is opening the blog to see what i have missed!!

loving it

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Uw hun;* .. dont forget the white bentley ;p!

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Hey when r u gunna post?!

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Yalaa Next post please!!:D ..w cham boga 3ala a5er post ?

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Seriouslyy,I literally stayed up until 5 am reading this :) its BEYOND amazinggg i cant wait for more. And inshallah if you finish this story, hope to see more from you !! im in love with manaf!! ywalee edward cullen illi yaneen 3alai;p

lost said...

You have been given the "butterfly award"

love your story!
keep it up! ;D

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Heeeeyyy... Nice Story 7ade Endemajt Feha:*..Keep It Up(Y) Bas Mita Next Post?..


Um 7maid said...

3ajeeba ur story!!
Love it ;*
Bs when is ur next post?!
I cant wait!!

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ba3'6 el nass ma36eenna bo labbas ;(

sexy_sour_sweet said...

Dear Um Manaf, Ana ba7en (Im sorry) Oo Im sorry If You think Im being rude bes I LOVE your story, oo A7EB the way you write, when Are you gonna Update *Puppy eyes* Love<3 :*

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Fashion Cabinet said...

I'm in love with ur blog!

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Gutter Flower said...

a certain beloved writer (e7m) is being missed by her readers.. i really hope nothing's wrong oo inshalla all is well with u.. oo inshalla b3ad trj3een lena jireeb =( we miss u and we miss manoof! xxx

Jam3iiya(L) said...

SO now that your baccckk, and weve missed the hell out of you and zeina and manaf.. and sincee its been 22 days (if i counted right) since your lasst post, AND you left us on a cliffhanger as usual..fa will you please please pleaseee pleassee make all your reader's days by writing one of your fabulously written post about our fav. couple!
allah ikhaleeech..
allah isalmeeech..
ya36eech il 3afya ikhtii..
ma 3alaivh ameeer.. sima7tay 9adegtii il 3aziza kitbilina post..

pwwwweeeeez?? 3alashan valentines! oo cupid il7mar..


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mithil ma jam3iyaa said (a)
welii i3afeech oo ikhaleech :D
bema iniich radaiteelina oo nawartay il kuwait ;p yeetay chan yekhtefii il ghbaaar :p see thats a sign inicih khair 3alainaa.. fa al7een laziim taktebeliina post 3ashan u reward us :p
adrii mala shighil bas pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeease 9arlina mudaa na6reen ;(
thank u :*

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please please next post !!! can't wait walllllaaa ;\

Finicky:* said...

hmm... i really loved your story but i'm starting to forget the events.. anywhoo i heard that you wanted ideas so i hope u won't mind me interfering..
i believe ina u should make Zeina go with Manaf since it's only a short period of time and regarding to the wedding.. she should still have her wedding if not now after she returns and ya3ni be a bit easy going without making a huge fuss out of it since it really does show that he loves her and he did every step to prove that to her.. and an idea for later on after they go to NY.. you can let her X show up.. not his:p

Finicky:* said...
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inshalaah bss mat3algeena chitheeeh ya3niy :P plzzz posst ?

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waiting...please we neeeed more

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Ummm sorry 3al 7anna ... bs yalla 3ad we have been waiting for a month tara ta3ab... i really love ur story!!!!! Plz CONTINUE!!!!

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MOOOOOOOORE .. pleeeeeease .. i'm hooked!!.. make it more JUICY !!!!!..

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Ummm.. Hello?

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um manaf mu nawya u post?
9arliich akthar min shahar!
sheno hatha ya3ni it-theleena 3ala qesetich? ma sarat! lazim ya3ni we blackmail u? wela shakliich nasyaa 3an hal other blog oo wayed mashghoula ib thak bas ga3da oo tagregeen.. bedal theech il hathra ilee menak saweelich part 29.. yalla famanalaah..
sorry for being rude bas im pmsing :p
wala i love u.. bas i cant wait any longer..

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Heeeeeeyy :D
I lovee Manaaf.. bs 7araam he did that to her!!
Anywayy .. when are you posting the next one? Hehe i can't wait any longerr!!
Pleaasee tryy and get it postedd SOOOON :)
Takee Caree, Goood luckk ;**

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we missss uuuuu - wainich?? sawy post ta6meeny mub lazim the next part. bas 3ashan we know ur ok and surviving

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are u ok??? wainech nabi posts:( ta3algna

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Check out your love award;*